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VOGTREK is an annual non-religious retreat planned to bring the brotherhood and sisterhood in V Owners Group together in one common place at one special time of the year, Easter, which always brings with it a long weekend beginning with Good Friday and ending with Easter Monday (or Family day as it is now known in South Africa)

Good fun and healthy activity prevails throughout which includes a mass ride and brunch on the Saturday, giving those of us far removed from the urban activity and denser member population, an opportunity to ride a large formation, sightsee and discover new things, albeit that would include learning about true life historical events in the region which touched and sometimes tragically destroyed the lives of families, and for others, brought inspiration, achievement and success.

Use of the word "non-religious" does in no manner suggest an "ungodly" retreat at all but rather that emphasis is placed on bringing the national big-vee owner family together, face to face, allowing for building of new friendships and rekindling and reunions of established relationships, in an atmosphere of camaraderie, with games, challenges and some prize-giving.

The 3rd day (Easter Sunday) we remember the Easter message of Jesus which brought in the dispensation of Grace open to each of us, by attending a worship service in the town. (Although this is not forced upon anyone)

Those who decide to return home on the Sunday would depart about mid-morning whilst those staying over until Monday would now have the freedom to spend time exploring the myriad of attractions and places of interest in the area.

Bethulie is our chosen venue for these retreats as the expanses of water, clean air, open landscape and tranquil surroundings are what we all need at least once a year to get away from the concrete jungle, high density traffic, toll roads and hectic pace. The ride is long and relaxing both ways and allows us as biker's to unwind and on returning home reflect on the great time of physical and spiritual refreshment the retreat to this unspoiled region has brought us.

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    VOGTREK. The first Vogtrek event was held in 2012 and is to become an annual event.

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