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Wednesday, 27 April 2011



V Owners Group

Some frequently asked questions . . .

Q) What does VOG stand for?
A) V - Owners Group

Q) Is VOG aligned with HOG?
A) Not at all, both are stand-alone
independent organisations

Q) Does VOG allow all bikes?
A) VOG requires ownership of
a V-engined Bike for entry into
membership by the principal
member. The member may
own non-vee machines as well

Q) Are these only cruisers?
A) No, any V-engined configuration
is allowed, Superbikes, dual terrain
or touring bikes as well as cruisers.

Q) Has VOG copied formats of other
Bike clubs?
A) Not at all. VOG is an owners group
and VOG's protocols are created and
designed by VOG to add value to

Q) Is VOG only found in major towns?
A) No, we have members nationally, some
in small towns, villages and even farming
communities. VOG is international as
well as national.

Q) Does VOG allow wives & families to
join in some events?
A) Yes indeed. VOG encourages all
members of a family, young & old to
any function or VOG event. Additional
family members also come by car

Q) Do a couple both have to enroll?
A) No, one family member (owner)
will enroll as principal member and
other member/s of a household
share that membership

Q) Is VOG an elitist group?
A) No, see us rather as a family
oriented group where a full spectrum of
bike-minded persons from all walks of life
join in fellowship and common interest.
Creed, culture, religion, ethnic, professional,
artisan, learned or unlearned persons from
our VOG family are all equal in ownership.
VOG have retired persons, housewives,
farmers, mariners,owners of companies,
project managers, doctors, pastors, fashion
designers, social workers etc in our
membership. Our structure has non-titled
leadership to maintain oneness and our
leaders are considered servant leaders
rather than hierarchic figures

Q) We hear VOG is very safety
A) Yes, safety for riders and motorists 
means everything to VOG.

Q) As a novice rider, can I join VOG?
A) VOG nurtures the growth of all
its members, encouraging advanced
bikemanship & road-sense in all
conditions. So yes! A novice may
apply for membership provided he
or she owns a vee-engined bike and is
licensed to ride

Q) Does VOG have rules?
A) Yes, very much so! Any entity
requires rules to protect it's
existence & continuance, just
as a home does

Q) We see VOG members wear
name plates but only real names
are used?

A) Yes, that is right. VOG as an
Owners Group wants members
to know each other by name,
as the majority of members are
professional persons we like to
build absolute transparent
relationships without operating
behind a pseudonym which
conceals a member’s identity.
We use "names called by"
officially on a nameplate worn
on the left or right chest and if
a member wants to add an alias
he/she may do so elsewhere on 
the waistcoat. We believe in
building the brother/sisterhood
on genuine first name terms.

Q) Will I be forced to attend and do
duties every week?
A) VOG does not impose or
obligate anyone in either of these
aspects. How could we? We have
members in far out places who remain
loyal over the years, they belong even
when we don't see them often. The
VOG website catalogues our activities
and keeps members in touch and our
VOG Group Facebook pages are where
members can interact.

Q) Will information I give in joining
be kept confidential.
A) VOG does not pass member
information onto 3rd parties so
your details are secure.

Q) Do you think I will fit in?
A) If you have family values and
enjoy wholesome social interaction
you will likely find new and lasting
friendships in VOG. Come along on
a run or two and get a feel of VOG
and it's culture & values.



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