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Tuesday, 09 May 2006

The V Owners Group (V.O.G) or (VOG) is a proprietorship pending company registration when equity disposal or sharing eventuates. It does not operate on a club structure. The owners listing is national, and international, and is made up of owners of V-twin or V-Four motorcycles. In full membership an identification number will be allocated to the incoming party (a principal member) who shall be able to purchase colours for himself and his household partner if such party intends to participate with him/her in the V Owners Group activity and thus enter the VOG social structure. 

Member status enjoys access to website and Facebook forum and the ability to join in all group functions, rides etc, principal members have a vote at meetings, receive free copy of mass mail newsletters and bulk SMS alerts, enjoy any V.O.G privilege such as attendance at the VOG annual birthday bash, held near 1st March each year.

Use of LOGO: Paid up members may use the VOG logo on their email signatures on condition: 1) The Logo is the approved VOG Logo, 2) The logo carries a hyperlink to and below this logo the name and contact numbers of the member are presented, IN ADDITION TO THE WORDING: MEMBER: (VO 000) (The members official membership number in brackets as shown in the example)

The management structure is one chosen to avoid a motorcycle club heirarchy and the national membership is nurtured by area cells (similar to chapters). Each cell having a Steering Committee made up of three members. (known as SCM's) Two of these members are nominated and inducted from the local area and are thus available for the nurturing and servicing of that locality (home territory).  The third SCM is always the V.O.G Administrator. This ensures optimum communication and consistancy in the control and culture of the owner body. It thus maintains a flat management profile - promoting and preserving interaction and the ability to "stay in touch" with the ownership.

Area Cells: Area cells are not autonomous and all members nationally and internationally belong to the VOG Head Office. There must be at least one local SCM for an area Cell to be functional. Where only one local SCM is serving, the administrator assumes the place of the second SCM.

Restrictions: An Area Cell can only be created where there are at least 5 paid up principal members in that location, none of them falling under another adjacent and existing Area Cell. In other words, residing in one locality but riding with an adjacent Area Cell. When an Area Cell has a “Principal Member” head count of 25 paid up members in a given area, another Area Cell must be created in that area/region and at least five of the members of the existing Area Cell taking up position in the new founded Area Cell. (Bear in mind that VOG’s policy of one principal member per household, will mean that 25 principal members can result in a total family membership of at least 50 persons or more. Thus more than 25 principal members makes the management and control too impersonal, cumbersome, the rides too big in number and the ability for SCM’s to nurture and train, an impossible undertaking)

VOG WARDS: VOG will not create an Area Cell unless there are at least five or so members residing in a given locality. For that reason the induction of two steering committee members to serve an Area Cell cannot occur until such time as that number of persons can be represented and a vote can be called for steering committee nominees to be chosen from the said nucleus of members.

However, we do have persons who enroll in, or transfer to fallow (potentially viable) regions countrywide, who show enthusiasm and the commitment to build such a nucleus of members and when we identify that potential, we will rate that locality as a VOG Ward.

The member then pioneering the locality would thus become a Warden of the area and be given as much assistance as possible to upgrade the Ward to an Area Cell. It follows that such person, the Warden, would need to implant the full VOG culture in new members and will need to pass the VOG Formation Officer training programme in order to initiate regular runs whilst numbers are being added to the ward.

Member complaints: Member complaints will be carried to the Area Steering Committee (Local Area Cell) and then immediately shared with the Administrator, who is also the 3rd SCM in every Area Cell. Any complaint is contained and settled in that Area Cell and is NEVER carried to third parties within or without VOG. That is the reason the Administrator is so encompassed within the Area Steering Committee.

All members belong to VOG Head Quarters: All members belong to the central administration where memberships are approved and numbers issued and do not belong to an area cell. It follows that suspensions, resignations or terminations are also the sole function of head office and not the Area Cells.

Area Cells are not autonomous and are created for nurturing of the local members of a specific community within an area only.

The administation does appoint corporate officers and these appointments carry national authority within the confines of the portfolio. These officers will be: Public Relations Officer, National Captain of Biking, Regional Coordinator, Run Coordinator and so on. This executive committee, together with the Administrator are able to assemble as the VOG National Executive Committee (EXCO) and will preside over matters of VOG policy and national concerns and EXCO members may be exposed to the financial parameters of VOG if considered justified.

All SCM's are equal and whilst there is no seniority between these officers, they are designated 1st & 2nd which depicts length of service in that office and not seniority.

USE OF LOGO: SCM's may use the Logo in their email signatures on condition: 1) The logo is the official approved VOG logo and is hyperlinked to  2) The full Head Office address is presented as well as the SCM's details, under which the wording: Steering Committee Member (VO 000) and the Area Cell being served i.e. (South Rand Area Cell)

The adornment of VOG "colours & badges" on riding wear is required in the spirit of VOG allegiance, whilst rally and  own chosen decoration may be added as wished. However, any permanent form of designation of position (as in heirarchy - such as President, Sergeant at Arms, Road Captain, Sweep, Vice "this" or "that") is not permitted. Metal breast badges identifying SCM, Medic and FMO qualified persons are issued to identify these officers in the membership, whilst orange coloured riding vests/bibs are worn on runs with interchangeable velcro applied scrolls identifying FMO officers i.e Road Captain, Marshall, Sweep or Press Bike are carried by the Formation Management Officers on formation rides only.(The entire membership otherwise uses the lime-coloured vest/bib for reasons of safety anywhere)

VOG colours shall remain the property of VOG and upon termination of membership are required to be returned to VOG unconditionally, unless otherwise allowed by VOG specifically, in writing.

VOG is indemnified against the illegal actions and or reckless activities of members who conduct themselves improperly in any manner or form, whether riding a motorcycle or seen in public place in his/her VOG colours or not. VOG does not accede, approve or condon wayward behaviour or intolerance of any kind whatsoever. Persons so doing, do so of their own volition and if such action is reported to the administration of VOG the matter shall be carried to executive committee level and appropriate action taken against the party /parties concerned.

OTHER CLUB MEMBERSHIPS: Persons belonging to other MCC's or Owner groups may enroll in VOG provided they do not serve as a committee member with that MCC and unless otherwise approved by the administrator of VOG in writing. Approval of the existing organisation also needs to be obtained beforehand and confirmed in writing as agreed upon by that body. VOG Members may take up ordinary membership in other established / local biking clubs but may not serve on any committee of such MCC and should as a matter of courtesy seek the written approval of the VOG administrator prior to confirmation of such membership. Should such membership be acquired without written approval and the member is seen wearing the colours of another club/group, the VOG membership will be withdrawn with immediate effect and the membership of such party struck from the roll without notice.

DUAL MEMBERSHIP: When riding with VOG, wear the V.O.G colours and not those of another club. It is suggested that approved dual club members acquire a waistcoat that bears only VOG colours for such an occasion, if they do own other club colours as well. Members should wear their VOG colours wherever and whenever they can, with pride and responsibility. Remembering that the good reputation of VOG is dependant upon their own good conduct when so doing.

LOST ALLEGIANCE: Any member(s) forming a new MCC whilst in membership with VOG will not however enjoy continued membership and as any intellectual property pertaining to VOG management style or methodology is under restraint, may not be carried to and used by the new MCC.

TERMINATIONS: Memberships may be terminated at a disciplinary hearing attended by any three serving Joint Steering Committee Members or outright by the Administrator of V.O.G solely, without having to enter into reasons or justifications for so doing.


V.O.G. Good Communication!

The foregoing facilities and objectives may change from time to time to suit conditions as we progress but the underlying vision is to build a vee-owners corporate initiative in the earnest endeavour to add value to V-Owner individual biking experience. We maintain there should be no such thing as a lonely big vee owner, that is, owning a bike but not having at his / her disposal the destinctive yet intangible ambience to fully exploit the ownership experience.

All information provided in this article is subject to change without notice.


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