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Saturday, 17 June 2006

The VOG EXCO and Steering Committees. 

The Steering Committee takes up the community leadership of V.O.G which is structured through these nominated and elected officers, who nurture the development and stability of all aspects of the membership nationally through the concept of area Cell's. (Chapters in some terminology) Cells are however not autonomous and are linked back to the administration for optimised interaction and communication and exist for the benefit of close-knitting and nurturing owners / members in localised cell areas.

Steering Committee Members (SCM's) operate on two levels, the first is to enculture and foster an attitude of brotherhood in ownership, whilst the second level of responsibility is collective governance and social control in managing the membership. This to encourage maturity and responsibility of the motorcyclist, as an owner on the one hand and a rider on the other.

A Steering Committee Member should:

  • Have been an ordinary member of VOG for a minimum of one year before nomination & should not be elected to participate in parallel SCM or leadership role if the partner or spouse already holds such office.
  • Be the holder of a valid motorcycle license.
  • Be a person of sober habit & self discipline, able at all times to conduct himself / herself respectably in public.
  • Be a mature rider and not given to hooliganism nor recklessness nor at any time display poor or illegal bikemanship.
  • Maintain order, correct any member waywardness and neither incite nor allow discord between members.
  • Maintain contact with and develop good rapport with his/her cell members and maintain and promote a vision where all are equal in membership. There must not be any competition encouraged between Area Cells as they are not autonomous but simply represent a localised community of the national family. The overall VOG vision is to build a solid national membership thus providing improved infrastructure ongoing.
  • See that their Cell members are formation conscious.
  • Ensure their Cell members understand the structure, culture and regulations of membership in VOG.
  • Assume a “Cell Road Captain” role and running an RSVP list for their Cell and lead their Cell members to suitable rendezvous points on official run days. (Note: the certifying and appointment of Road Captain's lies strictly with the national Capt. of Biking & only persons so accredited may officially form and lead a VOG formation)
  • SCM’s should be persons with a high attendance record on VOG Run’s
  • SCM's should not hold membership in other MCC's
  • SCM's must be persons with full I.T. capability (email / Internet / SMS ) and be financially able to use these for the furtherance of their SCM portfolio as well as allowing prompt participation in SCM decision making,

There is not a club styled hierarchy (power structure) in V.O.G and the "flat" management style is corporate based whilst viewing all vee engined owners as being eligible for membership and being equal in status, without the need for a "pecking-order"

Steering Committee members are introduced under the section titled "VOG Area Cell Notices" which can be located on the menu bank on the left margin of the webpages. Please refer to these - by area to identify specific information.

EXCO Members: These are national corporate appointments and permanent portfolios in VOG of persons whom have high levels of commitment to VOG and the membership, who contribute their skills and talents without reserve and by the very nature of their personalities, demonstrate true bikemanship and exemplary example. The portfolios are not remunerated but these persons do not spare themselves in committing both time and energy as well as facility for the upliftment and betterment of VOG and it's membership.


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